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The Journey
Our Signature Program





You are invited to the

Ageless Wisdom Journey.

Learn the steps to beautify and recharge yourself, through Ageless Wisdom. 


This journey gives you the opportunity to release the loving goddess within.  You will learn about the possibilities that life can hold for you by uncovering and connecting back to yourself, showing you what you truly desire and allowing you to use this newfound knowledge to get it.  This will be the key for your personal and professional evolution so you can unlock your hidden gems. 

Living with Freedom means you can find balance between the extremes of life, being centered and grounded, allowing you to discover the pleasure and happiness of your life’s journey. 

The Ageless Wisdom Journey can lead you to a whole new world of exploration and connection to live a truly healthy life. 

You will be empowered to become a leader, independent and radiant in beauty. 

Who Should Attend?


All women who have the desire to live with freedom from the constraints of society, freedom to do what you want to do, and be who you were meant to be. 

We support courageous, unique, focused women to pursue their dreams and shine their beauty bright for all the world to see. 

Do you want to be happy with who you are and what you do, to feel alive and well? 


Have you tried different personal development strategies and still feel like you're missing something? 


Then Wendy Jones is your answer.  She delivers Ageless Wisdom with a tell-it-like-it-is attitude that provides inspiring programs that allow you to walk away with clear timeless insights of who you are and how to live your life, feeling empowered, balanced and beautiful. 

Wendy provides the practical, magical tools and strategies to be motivated to live an extraordinary life. 


So if you want to: 

  • Start reverse aging and turn back the clock.

  • Discover the loving goddess within.

  • Uncover the truth, to live an empowered, balanced life in a world of chaos. 

  • Create a life that sings to you.

  • Understand that you are beautiful inside and out.

  • Bring FREEDOM to your life.


Then read on... 


Program Outline 

Day 1


The Day 1 program will introduce you to personal development through awareness and truth to uncover the underlying causes for your behaviors that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. 

Welcome Session 

This session will set the scene to welcome you. Preparing you to free yourself of some of the chains that are holding you back and set an intention for the retreat.  Peeling back the layers, like an onion, allowing you to uncover your beauty from within. 


Seed 1

Knowing who you are 

Do you know who you truly are?  Find out more about yourself and the workings of your beautiful body.  Recognize your inherent need to experience vitality and well-being so that you have more energy to pour into your life and business and look younger in the process. 


Seed 2

How can I feel and look younger? 

Discover the tools to feel deeply nourished, safe and relaxed in your body so that you can connect on a much deeper level.  Together we explore food, healing recipes and deep seeded beliefs. 


Day 2


The Day 2 program will help you understand and become more aware of how to live a balanced life, and flourish as you go on your life journey. 


Seed 3

What resides in the mind? 

This seed will provide insights into the needs of the mind and help you become aware of cellular imprints/memories that reside in the mind and ways to integrate them. 


Seed 4

How to quiet the mind? 

This seed will be a breath of fresh air, as we connect deeper to ourselves.  This will allow you to boost yourself and increase vitality.  Your life will be more appealing and radiant as you resonate at the frequency of life. 

Seed 5

Ways to cleanse the mind 

We don’t shy away from deep waters and passionate fire; we succeed by knowing the truth and applying Ageless Wisdom to uncover your self-worth and to believe in yourself, allowing the loving goddess to appear. 


Day 3


The Day 3 program will share key insights to implement going forward in your life, bringing lightness into your life and releasing all expectations about the outcome.  Surrendering and trusting the flow. 


Seed 6

What is God? 

This seed introduces how to become emotionally, self-aware through connection.  You will discover how your thoughts, feelings and words impact your life in a positive or negative way.  You will receive valuable wisdom that will enable you to improve the way you communicate with yourself and others. 


Seed 7

How the Soul and Spirit connect to the heart

This seed will light your soul on fire going forward in your life.  You will deepen the connection with yourself and discover keynotes that will allow you to return to the heart whenever you feel alone or off center. 

Seed 8

What are Angels? 

This seed is the energy of being held and supported by the angelic realms, being one with the journey in every moment.  Saying yes to life and trusting it fully.  You will flow with the current, constantly opening to deeper self-discovery, knowing truth and trusting the flow, with the courage to face the dark, by shining the light, becoming ever more free, centered, and devoted. 

Wrap Up


Choose your Preferred Option

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